PLDT MyDSL Restored After Three Days

Without warning, I lost my internet connection last Thursday afternoon, around 2 PM. I thought it was just a minor trouble like what always happens with PLDT MyDSL. But just the same, I called their technical hotline (172) to report the trouble. I was told by the tech support representative that he would forward it to their technical team immediately.

Around 4 PM, I still didn't have internet connection. I called the hotline again only to be told that the trouble was traced from a "network trouble" in Pasig and majority of the south area accounts were affected.

I asked around the neighborhood but it seemed that I was the only one without internet connection. I know for a fact, though, that in my area, my PLDT MyDSL connection is the only one in the Legacy platform since I subscribed for the service way back 2004 pa. I actually started being on IP-DSLAM then was moved to the Legacy platform when I requested. They eventually created another platform, NGN, where new accounts are accommodated.

So that's why all my neighbors are on the NGN platform and they had internet connection while I was suffering and constantly calling 172 for follow-ups.

The following day (Friday), I searched the net for postpaid plans of Wi-Tribe and Smart Broadband using my Globe Tattoo prepaid (how ironic). I actually sent an application form online to the two said net providers and a pop-up promised that an agent will call me within 24 hours (unfortunately, none among the two has contacted me yet).

While waiting for the call, my itchy feet brought me to SM Bicutan, and my curiosity brought me inside The Sunshop. Since they require nothing but an ID and a payment, I immediately subscribed to their 799 unlimited broadband internet plan, shelling out an initial payment of PHP1,687.00 for the modem and bond of a month's fee.

It was funny, though, that before I paid for it, the customer rep told me it has an activation period of 24 hours. Then after I paid and while the rep was installing the software on my netbook, he changed that statement to 24-48 hours.

It was okay, though, since I was positive that my PLDT connection would be restored that night or Saturday morning.

But of course, knowing PLDT and their "network troubles," I woke up the following day still with no internet. So I inserted Sun's dongle (or modem as they call it) in my laptop but actually not hoping that it's already activated. And, of course, it still wasn't.

Purchased the package 6:05 PM Friday. Come 6:10 PM Saturday, I was already talking to a CSR on their hotline. According to the CSR, I already have a profile in their system but activation request was still not sent by the Bicutan branch. So she made an e-mail to the branch while all I had to do was (helplessly) wait. And I was feeling really helpless and kawawa because I still had no PLDT connection by that time.

Sunday, I had to go to the cemetery and stuff, afterwhich, I headed to SM Bicutan to notify The Sunshop that my subscription was still not activated. I dropped by Prestige first to have a watch battery replaced, and while waiting, I turned on my netbook and inserted the Sun dongle. Lo and behold! It's already activated! So I didn't go to The Sunshop anymore.

I arrived home hoping PLDT was already restored. But it still wasn't.

I normally attend the 8-9 PM mass but since I wasn't busy, I decided to attend the 5-6 PM mass, actually hoping that the Lord only wanted me to go to church first before restoring my PLDT connection.

It was actually a very enlightening mass cuz the priest's voice was clear and malumanay and his homily was heartfelt (I just knew). Then after the mass I did what I had been planning to do for the longest time. I went to the choir side and asked if they're still open for members.

A young man with longish hair gave me the number of a certain Ate Shirley who wasn't around at that time. Imma call her soon.

And then I really felt so blessed when I arrived home and turned on the PLDT modem. Internet connection was restored! See? The Lord just wanted me to seek Him first.

So now I have two internet subscriptions, make that three if you'll count the Globe Tattoo prepaid in. I just wish they wouldn't fail me all at once. My prayer is that they get into a "network trouble" alternately.

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