Went to Market! Market! with K last Saturday mainly to buy Princess' Solcoceryl. Her right eye got punctured two Saturdays ago when she played with our cat.

We roamed around the mall first, lingering for so long inside Sandugo planning on buying this and that, agreeing that there should be a shop that rents mountaineering stuff (like tents and bags) for people like us who can't afford these branded, high-priced items.

Wanting to experience how Merrells feel, we headed to the brand's concept store. I tried on Waterpro Maipo, Gauley, Ottawa, and the Barefoot Trail Glove.

The Barefoot Trail Glove provides a different feel. It's so comfortable and you can actually feel the air going through the shoes. Walking around in Barefoot doesn't really feel like being barefoot, but of all the shoes I tried, it's the pair that comes close to wearing no shoes at all.

Aside from running, the store rep said I could also use Barefoot to climb (he even pointed the campaign on their shop window that read "walk, run, hike") so I ended up going home with lesser money.


And because we realized we don't always go to Market! Market! and because the shops near us don't have much mountaineering stuff, we went back to Sandugo to finally buy my bladder. I would've bought a 3-liter bladder but since the Sandugo brand only had 2-liter available (and the 3-liter ones were the very expensive Nalgene), I settled for 2 liters.


We went to R.O.X. at High Street to just look around, and almost forgot about Princess' Solcoceryl. LoL! So we had to go back to the mall to buy from Mercury Drug.

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