Lovin' Tanduay Ice

Two weeks ago, on a Friday, I went to K's around 11:30 PM. After a while we both got hungry and went to Mini Stop. We decided to cap the night with a can each of San Mig light and went home around 2:00 AM.

The result: he overslept and wasn't able to attend his Saturday swimming class.

Last night, I finished my backlogs early and saw him online on Facebook. I told him I'd come over. It was just 10 PM and we ended up at Mini Stop again. He doesn't have Friday classes anyway.

The baked macaroni he got was stale. LoL! He exchanged it for hotdog sandwich. I didn't eat my baked mac anymore even if it tasted okay. I lost my appetite upon knowing some of them at the shelves were stale. And I made a mental note not to buy baked mac from Mini Stop anymore.

I just got doughnuts and C2 and I was a happy camper.

And since he could wake up late on Fridays, we decided to have Tanduay Ice. We sat at the table outside since you can't drink anything alcoholic inside Mini Stop.


Ang sarap ng kwentuhan with Tanduay Ice.

On our second bottle, the guard approached us and said they also don't allow drinking on their tables outside, explaining they don't carry permits for that. We told him we'd just finish the bottle off and go.

Nanay called me around 12:30 AM telling me to go home already. LoL! K didn't wanna go home yet, though, cuz we were so having fun talking about random stuff (mostly about mountains and... mountains). I told him we'd just do it again next Thursday night. His reaction: "Ang tagal pa no'n!"


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