Pet Grooming: Nail Trimmer

I've been paying a hundred pesos for Princess' nail trim every month. She doesn't like it when we touch her paws so we decided it'd be better to just bring her to the groomer for nail trim. We were afraid we would hurt her if we're the ones who'd clip her nails.

Aside from that, most of her nails are black so it's really hard to see the blood vessels.

I dropped by Ace Hardware yesterday to look for Shoe Goo. They don't carry the brand so I just roamed around a little until I saw this:


I thought I would try giving Princess a nail trim on my own. I immediately tried it on her the minute I got home. She was making funny sounds all throughout the process, cried once (but there was no blood, really), but successfully clipped all her nails in one sitting.

This means I could save a hundred pesos every month. No, make that a hundred pesos more for the climb budget.

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