Even fireworks come in groups

After the Lucy Hale meet and greet at SMX last Saturday, I headed to the Seaside Blvd. of MoA cuz I was supposed to meet my friend Jonget to watch the first Pyromusical this year with.


It was actually the first time I would be shooting fireworks with a DSLR and I haven't tinkered with the camera much so I expected fail shots early on.

I didn't buy tickets since the SMX event ended at 6-ish and I knew the sea wall area was already full. Aside from that, I was still waiting for my friend and it would be so hard to meet inside the ticketed areas. (It happened to me and my sister two years ago.)


I watched the show beside the shawarma stand near the Ferris wheel amidst the crowd that would like to watch the Pyromusical for free as well.


Anyway, the show ended without Jonget showing up. The last I ate was lunch, but I didn't want to eat alone so I went home with a grumbling stomach. I really find it hard to eat alone in public places on a crowded day. Sitting alone at a table amidst groups of people in a crowded resto makes me feel more alone. LoL! Not that I have a problem with being alone. I just find it awkward.

Jonget texted sometime later telling me he's already on his way to MoA. I texted him back that I was already on my way home.

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