Lucy Hale Loves Bench

Lucy Hale, star of the television series Pretty Little Liars, was at the SMX yesterday courtesy of Bench.

lucy hale

She's the newest endorser of the top local brand. She's cute, bubbly, almost talkative. Fans knew she could sing and was asked if she'd be releasing at least a single soon. She said there are plans, but refused to sing a line or two when the audience shouted "Sample!"

She's so accommodating, even kind, and has no superstar attitude (at least from what we saw on the stage).

She signed the shirts of the Facebook winners, had photo ops with the Twitter winners, signed autographs, and answered questions from the press and bloggers.

Tim Yap hosted the event which started at 5 PM (instead of the announced 4 PM). And because I haven't been to an event like this that started on time, I arrived at 4:30 PM. :D

But before Lucy Hale went to the stage, the audience was treated to a mini-fashion show. Pretty female and male models paraded in front of the audience.

models model model model

Lance Howard, who was on television lately for being the boyfriend of PBB evictee Wendy Tabusalla, also walked the ramp.

model model

On my way out after the event, I saw the most-good-looking-male-model-at-the-event sitting idly in one corner. Asked him for a photo and he was so kind.


Ben Chan himself was also there. He sat with Lucy Torres-Gomez and her daughter Juliana who was with another kid.

ben chan

It was a fun Saturday, especially that the first of the four pyromusical Saturdays at MOA's Seaside Blvd. happened right after the Bench event.

I was supposed to meet with my friend Jong for the pyromusical but something happened he wasn't able to get there. I ended up watching alone in the middle of the crowd. :(

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