Fukushima pets need to be rescued

Pet owners in Fukushima had to leave their homes during last year's nuclear crisis. Sadly, they could bring with them as much, leaving the pets behind.

Animal welfare groups were allowed to enter the area around Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant last December to rescue the pets who had to suffer high radiation, severe lack of food and extreme winter weather.

So far, the United Kennel Club of Japan has rescued 290 cats and 34 dogs from the region. But there are still many of them left out in the cold. Animal footprints were reported to be seen in the snow. These animals are fighting to survive.

Unlike the well-fed pets, starving animals cannot keep themselves warm because they little to no body fat left. They cold would eventually kill them.

Many of the pet owners go back to their radiation tainted home every now and then with hopes that their pets have returned. One man even leaves food for his cat saying, "I just want my cat to be alive."

It has been 10 months since the earthquake that struck Japan has resulted into a tsunami and nuclear meltdown. But we can never blame the government. They had to save the people first, we understand.

This makes me want to hug my dogs. We're very, very lucky we're not in that situation.

My heart goes out to all the dogs and cats left starving in the cold, and to the pet owners whose hearts, I'm sure, are still breaking until now.

May all those pets who have not survived rest in peace, and those that are still alive be immediately rescued.

I'm literally crying while writing this.

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