The Valiente Bloggers Event

I was at Pepeton's Grill yesterday for the Valiente Bloggers Event.

Pepeton's - watermarked

It seemed like ages when I last went to that part of Quezon City. It made me nostalgic of the time when I was still writing novels, traveling two long hours via ordinary bus with a printed out 120-page manuscript inside my bag, holding it like a newborn child.

I went with Jun. The invite said 2 PM. We arrived at 2:30 PM. The event started around 3:30 PM.

We left exactly 5 PM and Jun was a little nervous because he still had a presentation to make at 5:30 PM. From Mother Ignacia, he had to travel all the way to McKinley where his office was.

I actually don't know what happened because we still haven't talked since after the event. LoL!

Valentine cups - watermarked

They gave out these cute Valentine cups as a token for attending the event. V daw kasi could mean either Valiente or Valentine's.

The above photo was taken by Jun. He's supposed to be my videographer but I kinda knew he would get the DSLR from me once he saw it. So I ended up taking videos.

BTW, Valiente is a remake of the 90s afternoon soap and will be shown on TV5 starting Monday, Feb. 13th. It stars JC De Vera, Oyo Sotto, Nadine Samonte and Niña Jose among others.

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