Google Unveils Google+ (Google Plus)

Google unveils their latest networking site - Google+ (Google Plus) – perhaps hoping to penetrate the social networking market.


They failed with Orkut. Not even made it with Google Buzz. (Okay, I signed up for both.) But would they make it this time with Google Plus?

Google aims to give us a better-than-Facebook experience by breaking down Google Plus into several hubs like:

+Circles – your contacts
+Sparks – online sharing (perhaps much like the "share" option in Google Reader)
+Hangout – where you can, well, hangout LoL! like share your location or have multi-person video conference. Yay! Cam to cam anyone? Haha!
+Mobile – send messages, pics, and videos using your Android (as the app is only limited to Android, but an iPhone App is said to be coming soon.)

But anyway, don't get too excited yet because (1) Google Plus sign-ups, as of the moment, are limited to invite only; and (2) it is currently limited to US residents only.

You can read more about Google+ (Google Plus) by clicking here.

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