Is June 13 a Holiday?

June 12 is fast approaching, and it is a Sunday. Will the holiday be moved to the nearest Monday just like they have done with other public holidays in the past?

The Palace has this to say:
“We have holidays that were moved to the nearest Monday but there were also some not moved primarily because these celebrations are meant to stay on that day. June 12 was not moved.”

I am glad. The essence of celebrating a certain holiday disappears somehow when you move it to another date. It's just like how you feel when you celebrate your birthday not on the date itself. Parang kulang na.

Anyway, I went to Luneta with some friends on Independence Day many years ago. We even brought food and had picnic inside a gated park of which I can't remember the name of anymore.

I wanna do it again this year. Sana lang the weather cooperates on Sunday.

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