It seems that Blogger won't upload pictures to its servers. I thought it's a problem with Windows Live Writer (which I use) so I logged in to my Blogger account to create a post the old fashioned way (thru an internet browser). But alas! Blogger still won't upload the pictures.

Anyway, Resty (Princess' dad) slept over last Monday. I was actually surprised when he called up and said he's here in the country. I eventually learned that he cut his vacay short due to some "technical glitches."

He brought with him a big bottle of Jose Cuervo. It was my first time to drink tequila. I was already numb when we finished the bottle.

The presence of Resty actually reminds me that I should be at least a little vain. I'm turning to look like his assistant with all the sun I get from mountain climbing.

Solution: I should get him to climb with me so he'd look ulikba as well.

And speaking of mountain climbing, I've been surfing TNF's website as of late. Been looking for a daypack with hydration system. And here are my picks (just picks, I still have no cash to spend):

TNF Animas 12 (bladder included) - $95-$99 (mall price here: P5690)
TNF Gunnison 18 (bladder included) - $115 (mall price here: P6590)
TNF Enduro 30 (bladder NOT included ) - $99

Well, for now, my Hawk daypack would do.

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