I watched Pirates of the Caribbean last Wednesday, June 1st, and that's almost 2 weeks after it premiered. Was supposed to watch it with my sister's kids May 26th but something came up that day and I wasn't able to join them.

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I wanted to watch it in IMAX but it was really impractically expensive so I just opted for a conventional cinema. I just hate it when a kid starts banging the back of my seat from either joy or boredom.

Have always loved Johnny Depp's Capt. Jack Sparrow. He was such a treat to watch, and Depp's portrayal was a genius. I remember reading somewhere that the director didn't really want Depp's portrayal especially that the character looked gay at times when he was supposed to be a playboy pirate. But the actor had to fight hard for what he believed was a fit interpretation of the character.

Penelope Cruz's Angelica Malon, on the other hand, is a great new addition. Lovely accent. But she really still looked like a woman on the scenes where she disguised as Jack Sparrow.

Sam Claflin's character, Philip, was a breath of fresh (face) air. His "love affair" with the mermaid (who was interestingly named Syrena) played by Astrid Berges-Frisbey added the needed romance in the manner that the characters of Jack and Angelica failed to give.

The "catch a mermaid" scenes was my favorite. The creatures were beautiful and dangerous at the same time. The choreography was superb I didn't know anyone who could swim that fast. But, of course, we know it's mostly CGI.

But is Blackbeard really dead? I'm quite sure he'd be bargaining with death in order to come back to the next installment. LoL!

And yeah, Penelope's character will still be in the next movie most probably. If you stayed long enough until after the film credits, I'm sure you saw how she found the Capt. Jack Sparrow voodoo doll that originally belonged to Blackbeard.

Anyway, why is it becoming a trend to put a scene (that promises a sequel) after the film credits? Thor also had that. Perhaps they do that so people would sit through the entire credits? Ohcomeon, people aren't interested who did the stunt doubles or who the drivers were (unless you're doing a study about that).

I only stayed, though, because I wasn't able to see these two movies from the beginning and I had to repeat. But how about those movies I didn't sit through till after the credits? Oh darn, I must have missed a lot.

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