Alice in Wonderland

Just arrived from watching Alice in Wonderland at SM Bicutan. I wish I saw it somewhere else. One of the speakers keeps turning on and off and all of the speakers seem "sabog."

Buti na lang it was a great movie. I loved how the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) moved, este, flowed. And I have this feeling I'd be immitating her tonight when I'm alone. LoL! But yea, Johnny Depp was superb as the Mad Hatter. He's really one of a kind.

If there's one thing that the movie pointed out to me, it's how others would take so much effort to please and make you feel comfortable even to the point of humiliating themselves when you're in high power. The Red Queen's (with a bigger than normal head) entourage consisted of men and women with defects - one has the longest nose, the other big ears, big boobs, big tummy... And they did that just so the Red Queen would be fond of them.

But I hate it when they took away my digicam to the security office. As if naman I couldn't take pictures with my phone. Had they known that I had a netbook with me, would they also take it?

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