Can’t Wait for the 20th

I'm quite excited to go to Nasugbu on Saturday. Really. After years of online communication, Bans and I are gonna meet.

And why we chose Nasugbu? It's because 3 of our online friends are based there. And yes, so we can also meet them.

I met all of them almost four years ago via e-Games's RAN Online. It's the last game I played quite seriously, and when you enjoy playing something, you also enjoy interacting with the other gamers until you become online friends. Not all of them became real friends, though. Others considered me just as a "grinding" buddy, while others stopped the friendship when they stopped playing the game.

But Bans and the rest of the Nasugbu guys stayed friends even after our RAN Online addiction. Bans was just 2nd year Nursing student then, now she's already a Registered Nurse.

There are four more gamers that I have constant communication with, but I can't handle big crowds so I'm meeting with just Bans and the Nasugbu guys on Saturday.

As much as I hate my online gaming addiction when I look back to it, I still wanna thank e-Games for giving such friends as Bans and the rest of them.

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