Pyromusical, at last

Went to see the Pyromusical last night at the Mall of Asia. It was the last night and since my Pyromusical trip was "postponed" last Feb, I made it a point to really go watch last night. There were so many people I was half afraid there'd be a tsunami and we'd die of stampede rather than the wave. But then I was just being morbid.

It was Australia's turn last night and their exhibition was followed by the awarding. Japan placed third, Australia 2nd, and the UK was the champion. My dates cheered loudly cuz their lolo was British. LoL!

The Philippines had an exhibition after the awarding and it was grander than Australia's. Those who had watched the competition since it started on Feb. 14th said our country could have won if we were competing. But sadly we're just hosting.

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  1. wow! i wanna watch fireworks too!damn qatar is so boring walang happening imbyerna!

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