Cheap Wireless Mouse

wireless mouse

Bought a wireless mouse for the net book. Sometimes it’s fun to use the scroll pad, but when you’re in a hurry and especially when editing pics, I really need to use a mouse.

I don’t need to say where it’s from cuz it’s already written on the mouse. It costs Php480 and it functions as a mouse naman kahit cheap compared to other leading brands. The default speed is way too fast than the regular A4Tech that I’m fond of using, but you can always adjust that to whatever speed satisfies you.

Now I have a problem with taking pictures of my loot and posting them here. Someone thinks I’m being mayabang. Hello Bam hehe. But no I’m not mayabang. First off, my purchases aren’t that expensive to be called mayabang. Look at all the other blogs out there and compare. Second, I post pics of stuff for reference. Like when and where I bought something and the likes, and of course, to share na rin what I think of them – if they’re good or not so good.

So there. And really I’m not mayabang. As if naman lotsa people are reading this blog. I get an average of 20 hits a day and I’m sure more than half of my daily visitors belong to my immediate family.

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