Big Thanks to the Nasugbu Guys

Nasugbu was a blast. Bans and I didn't think our Nasugbu friends would be that hospitable. If it weren't for them, Bans and I would eat fastfood the entire stay.

This was Crisnel doing the pork chops.

The Solo bag, though, wasn't such a great idea. I underestimated the things I would be bringing, and the make of the bag wasn't really for heavy travelling. I was afraid it would tear so I kept my hand under the bag for support everytime I carry it. I should buy a more sturdy one for our May trip.

And you read it right. We're going back there on May.

It wasn't that great a beach resort but the aircon was fine and the room was clean even if the toilet was malfunctioning and there was no ref. The sand was fine grayish brown but it was okay cuz we were almost alone at the resort. I would really prefer it anytime over a crowded white-sand beach.

The Red Horse with Tang Pineapple was a blast. It was my first taste of the beer cuz I was really just a San Mig Light person. But then I had no choice. The taste was drowned in pineapple, anyway, and miraculously, it didn't get me drunk.

I really hope our other RAN Online buddies would join us this May. I may not be a large crowd person but I'm sure I can hold it even just for a day.

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