A Cheap Way to Get Connected

I didn't realize Globe Tattoo is so matipid to use. I was waiting in line at the doctor this afternoon and decided to while away the time by Facebook-ing. I have used my Tattoo before but only once and for 4 minutes only. Besides, I didn't check how much that 4 minutes cost me. I mainly use the Globe dongle to text because texting on a computer is way easier than on a cellphone.

That's my cheap but powerful Lenovo S10-2, the main computer I use for blogging.

Anyway, so I checked my balance before I connected to the service and it said Php 220.

The connection was kinda fast I was actually able to tweet and check/update my 2 Facebook accounts all in 11 minutes.

And after 11 minutes of surfing, I checked my balance again and it said Php 215.

5 pesos was all I needed to get connected! Nice, no?

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