The Chant

“No means yes. Yes means anal!”

That’s the chant the members and pledges of Delta Kappa Epsilon were yelling as they walk through Yale’s campus. Now, how disgusting/intimidating is that? Especially that the pledges were made to make the chant as they were being led blindfolded through the Old Campus where most of the residents are freshman women.

In an apology, the president of the fraternity said that it was a “serious lapse in judgment by the fraternity” and “in very poor taste.”

Not good enough. As one Yale student said in an interview with Yale Daily News, the Delta Kappa Epsilon perhaps only apologized because they were criticized for their actions.

As for someone who personally doesn’t approve of fraternities and an uncle to four nieces, I cannot help but feel infuriated.

Should there really be fraternities at all?

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