Together Again

Sunday, October 10, 2010 (10-10-10), I brought Princess to the vet cuz her left eye turned red all of a sudden. Paranoid as I was, I thought she’s having blood clots again, a sign of her ever frustrating ehrlichiosis.

Animal House Alabang was almost empty that Sunday, a very strange thing on a Sunday. I asked for Doc Rose, but she wasn’t in. The secretary said they only have 2 vets on duty – Doc Djoanne and another male vet. I had to ask again. “Doc Djoanne?” And the secretary said, “Yes, sir. Doc Djoanne Quinto.”

Imagine my delight! Princess’s first ever vet (at least when I adopted her) is now back in Animal House!

Princess with Doc Djoanne

There’s no ehrlichiosis found in her CBC, thanks God! But there’s a slight bacterial infection which we had to cure. And at the mention that bacterial infection is the first sign of leptospirosis, I immediately had her liver and kidney checked.

And Doc Djoanne just messaged me a while ago – Princess’s tests are normal!

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