Ian Batherson was eliminated from the Nagar tribe. Too bad he didn’t make it to the merge. Sayang lang ang ginawa nyang pagkain ng scorpions.

It’s also wise of Aira Bermudez to use her immunity bracelet. Had she not, she would be the one going home.

Kinda addicted to Survivor Philippines again. I missed I think a week of episodes when I got sick and paranoid (which I haven’t blogged about yet). But now that I’m well and have peace of mind, I’m back to being a Survivor fan.

And speaking of Survivor, it’s nice that the show paved the way to Ahron Villena’s career revamp. He’s now more famous than when he was in ABS-CBN, and he’s now also showing more skin.

Come to think of it, I walk a lot especially when I backpack. Are Walker stuff especially made for walkers?

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  1. been watching survivor fr the beginning too!

    and aaron got so hot!chubby siya dati a!grabe!

  2. yea. the transformation is really amazing. pati facial expressions nya parang nag-iba.

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