Google Says “It Gets Better”

The LGBT employees of Google supports Anti-Gay Bullying by saying “It Gets Better.”

“There's nowhere to go but up this is temporary and all of the stuff that you are experiencing at school, all the stuff you're going through, tons of people go through that, but it's definitely not worth it to not persevere through it. It'll be really bad for you to wanna end your life at that point. It's so early on and there's so much more to life.”

“So if you're thinking as a teenager that maybe hurting yourself is gonna be a good way of getting out of the pain, don't do it. Just think of yourself being a little older, maybe not 40, maybe 25. But think of yourself coming back and telling you that it's gonna be okay. Because it is. “

“If you don't hang on for just a year more, or a couple months more, whatever it may be, you might not get to meet your best friend, you might not get to meet the person that you'd spend the rest of your life with. So just hang on, and you will.”

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