Feels Like Doomsday

At least now I can breathe easier.

After having allergies and being rushed to the emergency room Monday (Oct 11) at one in the morning, Wednesday night was worse as something happened to my system that I rushed to a gastroenterologist the following day. The week seemed like doomsday to me.  The gastroenterologist I went to wanted to do a colonoscopy without even checking me physically. Huwatt?! I asked if there’s an option aside from spending 14k for a colonoscopy, so he gave me a prescription to buy some meds (for something I am ashamed to say) and take them for a week.

I went home feeling so sad. Then my eldest niece, upon knowing what happened, told me her boyfriend has experienced something similar and even laughed at me when I told her the doc wanted to do a colonoscopy. I also asked around a little, and found out I wasn’t alone.

The first gastro asked me to come back to him after a week. I didn’t come back. I looked for another gastro instead, this time at Parañaque Doctors, and cool enough, the new doc was so accommodating he did an inspection of me and stuff and gave me options.

I now really believe that expensive hospitals aren’t always the best.

Right now, I'm with Angel at the FTI office of SSS, completing her requirements cuz she's gonna start work next week.

As cliche as it seems, I can still vividly remember when I took her for an entrance exam at St. Francis when she was just 5 years old. Time flies really fast.

Reason why I wanna climb as much mountains as possible. LoL!

2 comments :: Feels Like Doomsday

  1. Ooh, allergies. Get well soon!

  2. thanks, Will. i'm actually okay now.

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