A Yellow P1 and a Radio

Since my Nokia 2220 was lost, I thought I could live without a phone. But when you're used to having a phone and then you get retained in the emergency room for hours, then you wait in line for almost half a day at the PLDT business office, and finally you pay your gastro a visit because you thought there's something so wrong with you and you don't have a phone you can't text or call anyone for emotional support, your world tumbles upside down.

So I bought another Cherry Mobile P1 at Wellcom. The one I dropped at Mt. Romelo was blue. So I thought I wouldn’t be getting blue anymore. I was eyeing the lavender on display but it had scratches and that’s the last lavender they had. They also had one remaining orange but it wouldn’t turn on. So that left me with no choice but to get the yellow one, and I wonder why they had lots of yellows in stock. Either it’s in demand they overstocked, or no one wants it they still had lots in stock.

But my real purpose in going to the mall was to buy a transistor radio because we don’t have any and we fear of brownouts the coming typhoon would bring. It’s hard to get stuck in the house without any knowledge of what’s happening outside.

Cute, no? Costs 450 pesos at SM Appliance Center. It requires 3 Size D batteries so I bought 6 pcs.

I knew we weren’t the only ones afraid of getting stuck at home with the brownout and no radio. An old lady was also buying one while we were at the store.

The Cherry Mobile P1 stopped responding twice already. Last night, it turned on after I removed and re-attached the battery several times. But today, it just won’t turn on anymore. I had Angel bring the unit to Wellcom for replacement.

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