My First Case of Allergies

Went home around 3 PM last Sunday. Around 5:30 PM, I had dinner – chicken adobo and rice. Around 6 PM, I fed Princess her Science Diet Gourmet Beef Entree at the dining table. After the feeding, I noticed what I thought were three, itchy mosquito bites on my upper left arm near my elbow. I thought the house was being invaded by mosquitoes so I made a mental note to buy another Baygon mosquito repeller just for the dining area.

After about 2 hours, I noticed the same “mosquito bites” on my upper right arm. When I checked my left arm where I first noticed the bites, I got scared. There were more bites, and they have become bigger!


Seeing these on my arm made it even more itchy. After about another hour, they became even bigger and seemed to join one another. I decided to bring myself to the doctor. Just waited for Angel, who went home around 12:30 AM, cuz I didn’t wanna go to the hospital alone.

Parañaque Medical Center is where we always go. But my sister told me it’s cheaper in Parañaque Doctors in Better Living Subdivision so that’s where I went.

Parañaque Doctors

They immediately injected me with stuff that I immediately felt on my back (I don’t know why) and my nostrils. The drugs also made me light-headed and the nurse told me it might make me fall asleep. It made me a little bulol but I guess only a very strong drug will make me close my eyes.

Injection Port Cap

Within the hour, the swelling has gone down to almost 90%. Though the swelling on my upper lip only diminished a little, I kinda liked it that it’s so Pops Fernandez/Angelina Jolie.

I was released after two hours but Dra. Canlas made instructions on not to eat poultry, chocolates, cheese, and nuts for a week.

Celesthamine should be taken every 8 hours, round the clock, for 2 days and as needed after that.

My chest and back were still a bit itchy last night but there’s no swelling. This morning, I noticed three bite-like spots on my right arm but they immediately disappeared.

Right now, however, Princess’s boiled chicken looks so tempting.

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