Christmas Trees are Love


Went to SM South Mall yesterday after my day 3 vaccine (for dog bite) at RITM. It’s funny how the stores are dressed up both in Halloween and Christmas decorations. But, of course, I prefer Christmas more.

And I love this Christmas tree better than the bigger green ones. I know, though, that Nanay would insist on using our old Christmas tree from 20 years ago and won’t let me buy a new one. And besides, I think this tree would be very hard to store after Christmas. Imagine not wanting to deform the branches.

But I love this tree just the same.

Anyway, the follow-up vaccine was so itchy I always find myself scratching that part of my upper arm. Good, though, that it didn’t leave a red mark afterwards.


Angel went with me, perhaps because she knew I’d be roaming around Festivall Mall and SM South Mall afterwards. Those two malls were part of my younger years, actually. Lotsa good and bad memories. But it’s not the memories that I wanted to go back to at those malls. I was looking for a dri-fit shirt that would fit me. Every brand, it seems, only has Small for the smallest size. I can’t wear just small. As Nanay puts it, “parang kalalabas ko lang daw ng ospital” because size Small shirts look so big on me. Shirts have to be XS.

After those two malls, though, I still don’t have a dri-fit shirt.

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