Of Birthdays and PLDT Fails

I wasn't able to watch PBB Double Up Eviction Night and StarStruck V Live last Saturday. And even if I was able to, I didn't have internet connection from 4 pm of Saturday up to very late last night, so I wouldn't be able to blog about it.

But the reason why I was so busy as of late was because of my birthday. Yeah, yesterday. I kinda celebrated last Saturday. Had lunch at my sister's, went home around 5 pm to change and meet up with Danilo at the mall. I was buying something, and Danilo being a computer engineer and all, I wanted him to inspect the item first.

We had dinner at Pancake House and I allowed myself to eat meat cuz it's my birthday (celebration) naman. Then Danilo and I met up with Mylene and her boyfriend Richard at MOA's Sunset Strip.

The restobars were all full. We wanted to go to Berk's because the oldies band performing that night was so fun but we ended up at the restobar next to it. We were seated at the table nearest Berk's so we were like there na rin.

The bar we went to closed early, though, even if it was a Saturday. So we walked along the bay until the lights were turned off and the guards started announcing something on megaphones. After having coffee, we went to Mylene's and hung out a little. I was at home 4 am but I couldn't afford to sleep cuz Princess had a 6 am medicine. I knew I wouldn't be able to wake up at 6, even if I had an alarm on, if I went to bed at 4.

Yesterday was uneventful especially that I had no internet connection, but I was happy nonetheless cuz Danilo hung out at the house almost the whole day. Just like the old times when we would hang out and talk endlessly.

Come to think of it, the greatest gift a friend could give you on your birthday is time and company. Thanks Danilo!

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