[PBB Double Up] Goodbye Kath!

Kathleen Lopena-Ortega, popularly known as Mommy Kath, was evicted in tonight's live episode of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.

She was welcomed to the "outside world" by her husband and ex-PBB Double Up housemate Jimson Ortega.

A big twist was announced after Kath's eviction, and it regarded the number of housemates that will compete in the Big Night. The originally final 4 housemates (dubbed as the Big 4) will now be 5!

So with only 6 housemates left, only one more will be evicted next Saturday.

Melai, on the other hand, can now breathe a little easier because she had earned a spot in the Big 5 through the series of competitions prepared by Big Brother.

But who among Tibo, Paul Jake, Johan, Mariel, and Jason will be evicted next week and not have a chance to be the Big Winner? Make sure to vote for your bets!

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