Princess Went to Mass

Have just arrived from church. I actually brought Princess along. It's her first mass. We were late so we heard the mass standing outside the church doors. But there were speakers outside. I guess they're really intended for the late attendees.

But before we went to church, we dropped by the mall first to pay Meralco. Angel also had to buy a pair of shoes. She found none, though. So I told her to just go to the pet supplies section of Ace Hardware where Princess and I were while she was roaming around for shoes.

Look what I found at Ace. Haven't seen something like this at Animal House.

It'd be so useful as I always take Princess along with me. I used to bring her drinker, and it almost always wet my bag. Now wet bags wouldn't be a problem anymore.

And no matter how minimal a shih-tzu sheds coat, I still find lint on my bags and shirts. So I bought this:

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