This is kinda old news (dated 10/09/2009) but I was only able to read a while ago. So I'm copy-pasting.

As for Imelda: A New Musical, which is receiving its East Coast premiere courtesy of the Pan Asian Repertory Theater in association with the East West Players, I can only talk about the first act. With a cringe-worthy book by Sachi Oyama and scored by Nathan Wang (music) and Aaron Coleman (lyrics), Imelda aspires to be the Filipino Evita but fails miserably; no surprise considering its subject. Jaygee Macapugay struggles mightily to make something of the title character but the material she’s been dealt throws her off a cliff without a parachute. The whole production has such a community-theater quality to it, I found myself searching the program to confirm it was really an Equity production.

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