Jinkee Pacquiao Arrives in L.A.

Jinkee Pacquiao is now in L.A. to join husband Manny Pacquiao in time for Valentine's Day. Jinkee says Manny is gonna have a Valentine Fans' Day in L.A. and she's there to help out, afterwhich they would have dinner together.

Jinkee also reveals that she has brought with her a especially-made necklace with a diamond-studded letter "M" for a pendant that is to be her Valentine gift to Manny. But before that, she has a "pasalubong" to her husband - a tabloid containing "tsismis" about the boxing champ.

And about the talks surfacing that Krista has met up with Manny in LA, Jinkee says she and her husband just laugh it off. But still, Manny is threatening to file a case against those making up these tsismis. Likewise, Jinkee is daring them to show proof of these rumors.

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