[StarStruck] Congratulations Sarah and Steven

I wasn't able to blog about StarStruck V's finale last Sunday because I wasn't feeling so well that day I didn't even watch the show. I had it recorded, though, and watched it Monday. But of course, with all the buzz on the net, I already knew who won even before I got to watch it.

I was surprised by the male winner. Okay, Steven Silva is cute. But heck, the boy couldn't even act during their acting test. He could sing and dance naman so perhaps he'd be made to do just that for the meantime. Oh but wait! I already saw him as a nurse in The Last Prince even before he was proclaimed the winner!

I don't mean to sound bitter, but I was just so surprised. I thought the battle was between Rocco Nacino and Enzo Pineda but I should have known when they announced the total number of past votes the remaining contestants gathered when they were still 6 in the competition. Steven, correct me if I'm wrong, gathered the most number of fan votes from week 1 up to that stage.

Steven naman is cute. And I guess, with the right Tagalog training, he'd be a good actor. Let's just pray that he won't be another Mike Tan who won the title but never really shone.

As with the female winner, Sarah Lahbati was fine. I also wouldn't have any problem if Diva Montelaba won because they're two of my bets. Diva naman looks old beyond her age. She needs more make-over. I think it's her eyes that makes her look old.

But I really think Diva will shine - brighter than her skin tone (kidding). Then Rocco would be eventually made into a sexy actor, while Enzo would be the matinee idol.

The runners-up were interviewed live by Chika Minute's Pia Guanio earlier in 24 Oras. Notice how old Diva looks.

Video clip below:

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