[PBB Double Up] Paul Jake is Leading the Text Poll

Big Brother revealed to the remaining 5 housemates that no more eviction will happen until the Big Night, hence, they are now called the Big 5.

Aside from that revelation, Big Brother also let us have a peek at the standing of the 5 housemates in the text poll. I was expecting Melai to be the front-runner, but when she was announced third, I just knew Paul Jake was leading.

Paul Jake had 31%, Jason had 23%, Melai only had 20%, Johan had 13%, and Tibo had the lowest with 10%.

To celebrate their being included in the Big 5, my favorite band Kenyo was in the house to perform for them. Their first song: Pinoy Ako. And it's quite fun to watch the housemates dance to Pinoy Ako with the original dance choreography from the very first PBB.

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