No More Lola Glasses

So I've had this lola glasses (as my good friend Bans called it) since like 1992. There were times that it gets forgotten inside my bag (the reason for the many scratches because it has no case) as I sometimes opt for contact lenses especially during hot days.

The frame was given to me by my sister. It was actually a pair of sunglasses bought in Hong Kong. And I was like digging Jessica Zafra so much during those days (and up to now) so I used it as eyeglasses.

It had been with me through the toughest times. Parang gusto ko na lang i-Mighty Bond. Ang hirap i-let go.

Right now, I'm wearing disposable contacts. Extra work but I have no choice. Besides, the weather's so hot I guess I'd prefer contacts na rin even if my eyeglasses weren't broken.

But I still need glasses especially at night cuz I like reading before sleeping, and I remove my contacts before bed.

Now I have this smaller frame I have kept for a long time in the drawer. I haven't decided, though, if I should use this or just look for a bigger one just like my old eyeglasses.

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