[PBB Double Up] Roy!

Jason was able to finish walking 17 hours around the pool, but that's not without a night's rest.

Only Melai didn't know that her ex-boyfriend Roy was inside the PBB House to talk to her.

In a short interview with Toni Gonzaga, Roy said he loved Melai but the feeling was fading. He also admitted that he and Melai had already broken up before due to different reasons.

Jason himself blindfolded Melai and brought her to House B. And there, driving a sidecar, Roy surprised Melai. He even made Melai ride the sidecar and gave her his pasalubong of burger and fries.

Melai seemed mystified. Could it be that she's still in love with Roy?

What could happen if Melai chose Roy over Jason? If that happens, Jason walked 17 hours to his failure. LoL!

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