Offensive Billboards

"Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?" says the tagline of one of the billboards we see on the streets.

This particular billboard didn't go through the approval of the Advertising Standards Council, the body that screens advertising materials in the country. That, and a Lubricat ad featuring a sexy starlet, is such a sore eye to some that one father aired his complaint in one of the more popular AM radio show. His concern was not really the traffic hazard these billboards may cause, but of the impact it may have in the mind of his child.

Another billboard of concern was that of a Bench underwear ad featuring Jake Cuenca. But that isn't going away, because as the agency who made the ad says, it was approved by the council.

"Alam naman ng tao, alam ng kahit sino, kung papaano ginagamit ang brief, 'di ba?" says one election lawyer, pertaining to the Jake Cuenca billboard.

Ad Standards Council's job, though, is only to monitor these ads. They don't have the power to take down these billboards no matter how offensive they may be. DPWH, on the other hand, is in the process of making guidelines that will give ASC the power to take down offensive billboards that didn't go through their approval.

Video clip below.

4 comments :: Offensive Billboards

  1. whats wrong with that hot billboard???i've seen much sexier ads than that!

  2. you know, some people have their own "moral standards"

  3. haha the copy is wrong it's not ACS it's ASC - advertising standards council. haha

  4. lol yea.

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