No More Minimum Purchase Order

If you're like me who is so tamad to cook and almost always doesn't like what's inside the ref, then you're probably fond of food delivery, too. But sometimes like when I'm alone late at night and only want a burger and fries, parang it's so hard to have something delivered because of the minimum amount of purchase these food stores usually have for deliveries. Like sometimes I have to order 5 cheeseburgers (even if I can only consume 1) just so I can have it delivered.

I need not grieve anymore, though, because McDonald's has lifted the minimum order for delivery! And no matter how small or big your orders are, the delivery charge is just Php 40! Yes, it is fixed.

Now I don't have to order 4 extra burgers. I can order just one and have it delivered!

It's not nationwide yet, though. This is only limited (for now) to the following areas: Metro Manila, Antipolo, San Pedro, Laguna, Laguna Bel-Air, Tarlac, Lipa, Batangas, Cebu and Davao. But of course they'll expand it to more areas soon.

To enjoy no-minimum-order delivery, just dial 8-McDO (8-6236) or log on to

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