Of Pink Shoes and Tiara

Nica of Animal House texted me this afternoon saying she already had some shoes that would fit Princess. Good thing one of my "assistants" didn't go to school, so I was able to go to the mall early.

Nica had two pairs(?) and the above pic was the one I bought for Princess. Like I'm now so fond of my black Converse, it would be fun if she wore pink Coverse-y shoes when we’re together.

This was the shoes I didn't get. So colorful I found it baduy. At the back is pink one.

And oi! I also found a little tiara for her. Look how cute it was on her. I just don't know why there's a burst of white on the top right and bottom left pictures.

I was also looking for an extra battery for my netbook (I wanna be ready for the brownouts) but Asianic said those were only available at IBM. I don't believe Asianic, though. I'm sure Bam would know where to buy one.

I was out for only 1.5 hours and look what I hoarded:

Not much but what more if I spend the whole day at the mall? Naaa, my limited money could only take as much. Heh!

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