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They still remember Lino Brocka's Macho Dancer, eh? Real masterpiece. But what I don't like about it is that they think every Filipino gay-themed movie is all about the macho dancers.

But with the coming of Daybreak, Heavenly Touch, and No Way Out on DVD, at least they'd know there’s more to our gay films than just macho dancers.

Here's the After Elton's short take regarding Filipino gay movies:

Water Bearer Films releases three new gay love stories from the Phillipines—shockingly, none of them are about the "macho dancers" who seem to be the subject of every Filipino gay movie (or at least all the ones that make it to the US) made since Lino Brocka's breakthrough feature of the same name.

Daybreak deals with two lovers who must decide whether or not to break up; a fisherman follows his lover to the big city in No Way Out, and both must fight to avoid getting caught up in the international sex trade; and the masseurs at Heavenly Touch rebel against the mobsters who own the spa and use it as a cover for illegal activities.

Mali spelling ng Philippines. Haaayyy...

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